Ultra clean diaphragm valves | low and high pressure

Compact welded check valves

All-welded design ensures reliable system fluid containment
Maximum allowable working pressure: 3000psi (206bar)
Maximum allowable back pressure: 3000psi (206bar)
Cracking pressure less than 2 psig (0.14 bar)n
Back pressure for valve resealing is less than 4 psig (0.28 bar)
Surface finish options: Electro polish Ra(avg.) =5 μinch or machanical finish Ra(avg.) =10 μinch

Diaphragm monoblock valve for USA & Europe market HMB series

Direct-seal metal-diaphragm valve without seal packing manually and pneumatically operated.

Ultra fast diaphragm valve

The Ultra-Fast series is designed for atomic layer deposition applications, high cycling, high temperature and ultra-high purity processes, under severe repeatability demands. With its unique (patent pending No. US61/910,079) flow adjustment mechanism, thi s series allows flow fine-tuning during operation. Optional extended bonnet and cooling fin pr ovide superb solution for high temperature applications.

Ultra-clean diaphragm valves

UCVs are metallic diaphragm-operated valves. The diaphragm is made of a Ni-Co Alloy.
UCVs are available with the following valve structures to meet ultra-high purity (UHP) and high-purity (HP) grades:

1. All-metallic valves – the highest UHP grade.

2. Soft-seat valves, standard UHP grade/standard HP grade.

3. Caulked-seat valves, general-purpose HP grade.

Ultra-high purity, metal-diaphragm valves for gas delivery systems

The HM & HMS Valve Series includes Metal-Diaphragm, Ultra-Clean Valves, size 1/4″. The HM & HMS Series is suitable for low and high-pressure applications in multi-port configurations (2- port, L-port, 3-port, 4-port). The valves can be operated manually or pneumatically. UCV valves are assembled, inspected, tested and packaged in a Class 10 Clean Room. Each valve is individually assembled and submitted to pressure testing, functionality tests and a helium leak test.