Flowpartner AS is a Norwegian Company founded in 2018 and are based in Bergen, Norway. We are specialised within on/off valves and actuators. We help customer in a early stage to get the best technical solutions within the requested need date. We strongly believe in involving the end user at an early stage to understand the need and making sure the fundament is in place in every project.

Our main goal is to provide optimal service towards our customers. We are working hard to obtain on time delivery also providing a 24/7/365 service support to secure that our customers always have a backup if the need should occur. To be a good and reliable supplier you have to be available and secure optimal assistance if needed. We understand the importance of having the possibility to get assistance if needed. Requirements from Norsok, Equinor and ConocoPhillips are well known and we can offer more than 30 years of technical expertise.

Our goal is to invest about 2% of its annual turnover to R&D for developing of new products and software.

Our vision

Quality and innovation.

High-satisfaction, profitable growth with innovative solutions.

What we offer

Our product range is a wide range of valves, actuators, control panels, fittings, instrument valves and key lock system in all grades of material to clients in oil & gas, Petrochemical, Refineries, power plants and other industries.

We are working with world class manufactures and partners across the globe with a close cooperation in innovation and improvments. We are authorized representative of several companies involved in the manufacturing of valves, fittings, actuators and fasteners. With high focus on efficiency, technical solutions and cost we strive to offer the best solution to the best price.


During their career, both Ove and Magne have had an extensive business travels with most of the world’s major producers, mainly the United States, Europe and Asia. During the last 12 years, more than 400 travelling days have been performed.

In a combination of working together, we have a unique skill within the fields of products and technical requirements for the oil and gas industry onshore and offshore.

Ove Haugland

Technical Director
Ove started working in the oil and Gas business in 1986 and has been working for several main suppliers in Norway as Solberg & Andersen AS, Nor instrument, Cameron Valves and MRC Global in various positions. Sales of On/Off Valves, Control and safety valves , shutdown planning, performed service on valves offhsore and onshore. He has also worked a short period at the manufacture plant with assembling, testing of Control valves aslo worked as service manager and later Senior Application Engineer.

Magne Skarsbø

Magne started working in the Oil & Gas industry in 1996 for Statoil at the Gullfaks C platform in the North Sea. In 2002 he started working for Schlumberger oilfield services in Bergen and was mainly involved in well service equipment. In 2005 he started to work for Solberg & Andersen (today MRC Global) within on/off sales department for 12 years . He had several positions as Sr. sales engineer, sales manager for on/valves and the last 2 years for Subsea valves.