We can offer a unique combination of equipment and preservation in corrosive areas with 10 years warranty. TM198 is a polymer coating with built-in corrosion and UV inhibitors. TM198 is designed to provide practical and long-term protection against corrosion and external contamination of complicated industrial metal structures, as well as for preservation. TM198 is melted down from a solid resin and applied using a heated hose and gun. It provides a pliable thermoplastic barrier coating, which will protect all types of metal components against galvanic pitting and atmospheric corrosion as well as protecting from water and dust ingress. It is ideal for flanges and valves on process piping, and long term storage of equipment in normal atmospheric conditions. The material can easily be cut and removed for access and maintenance, the area of removed material can then be refilled as the newly applied material will bond to the existing TM198. Alternatively the protected substrate can be inspected via UT directly through the material. There is no downtime during application and protection is provided immediately, bringing savings to both CapEx and OpEx. TM198 is proven to extend the lifecyle of components and reduce maintenance costs.
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TM is 100% environment friendly product

Existing product may be reused

TM 198


Oxifree material has been thoroughly tested to 11,688 hours of “industry standard” Salt Spray test, which complies with ASTM B117 corrosion testing which is equivalent to in excess of 50 years ‘in the field’. Oxifree has also been through ASTM G56 UV/Weathering test and again exceeded required longevity with ease. :