Interlock systems

Quarter Turn Locks

Quarter Turn Series Interlocks fit on all type of lever operated valves such as Ball Valves, Plug Valves, 3-way Ball Valves and Butterfly Valves

They are mounted on 90″ rotating valves to interlock the locked open or locked closed position of the Valve.

The QTL lnterlock series is delivered in 2 sizes; QT-S and QTL-L

QTL-S can be used up to 3” diameter manual valves, large size QTL-L can be used for valves from 4” to 6” inch manual operated valves.

Available in Single Key or Double Key models. The lnterlock is easily mounted on the Valves and valves can ,be locked in Open or Closed position by removing a Key.

Only if both keys are inserted in the lock portions the valve can be operated. The keys can be released in either open or Closed Position only. The lever indicates the open or closed position of the valve.

The lnterlock can be fitted on the valve during live process, without the need to shut-down the system, nor does it compromise the certified pressure envelope of the system.

Quarter Turn Series