Interlock systems

Multi Turn Locks

The lnterlock from the MTL series is a lock for multi-turn applications like Gate or Globe, Butterfly and Ball valves with gearboxes.

The MTL lnterlock series is delivered in 2 sizes; MTL-S and MTL-L

MTL is available in Single Key or Double Key models. The lnterlock is easily mounted on the valves and valves can be locked in Open or Closed position by removing a Key

A Key can be released in either open or closed position, this ensures that valve is locked in the desired position. The number of rotations varies for all valves. The MTL lnterlock is designed with a field adjustable counting mechanism. In order to synchronise the opening and closing of the valve with the lnterlock mechanism has to be set. This can be done by simply tightening the four sets of screw on the counter which is located inside the lock.

The lnterlock can be fitted on the valve during live process, without the need to shut-down the system, nor does it compromise the certified pressure envelope of the system.

Multi Turn Lock MTL