Interlock systems

Car seal lock

RE-USABLE CAR SEAL – Is a mechanical device which is developed for locking the valves of any size, either hand wheel operated, or lever operated. This is a compact design lock which does not require any mounting pads and is easy to install. It is equipped with one meter length wire and length can be  increased if needed. It is also equipped with arrangement to install multiple padlocks to ensure additional tagging.​

This car seal Manufactured completely from SS 316 each lock consist of a 1 meter long, 2.5mm dia. Cable with one secured in the body of the locking device. Once fitted the cable is clamped using temper proof screw and special tool provided. ​

A secondary locking facility is also provided which accepts padlocks, once the padlock is applied this prevents access to the tamper proof screw so it cannot be removed with lock in place. Each car seal lock is individually numbered for added security.  


  1. First Wire feed through the valve and secure around a suitable anchor point.​
  2. Insert wire rope in body then Pull the wire rope tightly.​
  3. Tighten the tamper proof screw with the special tool provided.​
  4. Rotate the body to hide the tempered probe screw and Place padlock through the center hole.


  • Reusable Car seal devices lock or ‘seal’ a valve in the open, closed or mid position to prevent unauthorized operation of the valve.​
  • There are many hazardous areas in a plant where unauthorized access of operators is not allowed that situation we use Reusable Car Seal Lock for locking Valves.​​
  • On shore and Offshore Oil & Gas process plants .​
  •  Refineries.​
  • Gas distribution networks / Pipe lines.​
  •  Oil and gas Loading jetties and storage stations.​
  • Chemical  industry.