Ball valves

Ball valves can be supplied with tree different trim design:

  1. Floating Ball

  2. Trunnion Ball

  3. No contact between Ball and seat during rotation

Ball valves comes with different valve body designs:

  • Two-part valve housing «side entry»: The valve housing is in two parts («split body») that are bolted together. Ball and seats are disassembled / mounted from both side of the valve.

  • Two-part valve housing «end entry»: The ball and seats are mounted / disassembled through valve inlet / outlet.

  • Three-part valve housing · «side entry»: The valve housing in three parts («three piece») that are bolted together, the ball and seats can be disassembled / mounted through the side

  • Fully welded valve body: The ball cannot be dismantled without the valve body being cut.

  • Entire valve body «top entry»: The valve body is in one part, while the ball and seats can disassembled / mounted through a flange on top of the valve body.

Ball valves are divided into three main groups according to trim design: Ball valves with floating ball:

(floating), ball valves with fixed ball (Trunnion) and ball valves without contact (no contact) between seat and ball during rotation. Ball valves are sensitive to dirty media with except for non contact valves. Especially for soft-sealing valves, as these are only suitable for completely clean Media. Ball valves are not special suitable for operation under high difference pressure. The seat is then exposed to extremely high speeds of the medium during the last «degrees» of closure or first degrees of opening.

Non contact ball valves, withstand differential pressure because the ball is lifted off the entire sealing surface simultaneous.

We can offer Ball valves in various configurations in all materials.

Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Duplex, 6Mo, Titanium and Aluminum Bronze and composite.

Type. Trunnion Mounted, Floating, Double block & bleed, Double Isolation & Bleed, No contact Single seated, Top Entry, Side entry, Three-way, Multiport, Diverter, Cryogenic & Actuated Ball valves with control system.




½″ – 60″, Reduce and Full bore

Pressure class

ANSI 150lbs – 2500lbs, API 3000-10000psi

End Connections available

compact flanged, HUB, RF/RJ Flanged, SW / NPT / BW


API, ASME, ASTM, BS, Cryogenic service, ISO, MSS & NACE, PED


Chemical, Offshore/Onshore, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Pipelines, Power Generation, Subsea, Water Industries

Design code

API 6A, API 6D or ISO 14313 (API 608 or ISO 17292 can also be used)

End-to-End Dimensions

API 6D / ASME B16.10 Long Pattern and Short Pattern